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Design is not the Abundance of Simplicity. Design is the Absence of Complexity.
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"Design is not the Abundance of Simplicity.
Design is the Absence of Complexity."

Sébastien Millart has over 17 years work experience in the Internet/multimedia sector, within several business domains (Government/public services, eCommerce, eBusiness).

Professional Experience

In the early 2000s, he started his career as a webmaster and freelance for several Web/Communication Agencies.

In 2005, he became a User Interface (UI) — Experience (UX) Designer, Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Consultant and Front-end Developer / Integrator. In charge of several web-based projects where the visual design, information architecture, human-computer interaction, web content accessibility, ergonomics, usability, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and (W3C) standards compliance were his main area of responsibility.

During 16 months (2009-2010), he worked for the European Commission on the new My IntraComm Corporate Portal (launched end of year 2009) using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. He was in charge of the Web content migration and compliance with the new look & feel and the W3C standards (HTML, cascading style sheets, scripting and accessibility). He also worked for the European Parliament in Brussels.

Drupal, HTML5 and CSS3 – A Match Made in Heaven.

Since November 2013, he works for Blue4You (Web & Communication Agency) as a Senior Drupal 7/8 Front-end Developer (HTML5, CSS3/SASS and JavaScript) & Quality Officer on several web-based projects for clients such as BOSA (Federal Public Service - Policy and Support) or other private sector.

Specialties: Drupal Front-end Development, GUI (Graphical User Interface) Design, UX (User eXperience), Responsive Design, Interactive Design, Mobile Design, Ergonomics Interface Design, Web Content Accessibility, Quality Assurance.